N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un scolds hospital construction workers for careless budget management

Published on Jul 30, 2020
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited the building site of the Pyeongyang General Hospital.
He reportedly scolded the workers in charge of construction for increasing the cost burden on the citizens.
The construction for Pyeongyang General Hospital began in March, and was scheduled for completion by October 10th, the 75th anniversary of Worker's Party of Korea.
But it looks nowhere near done with several floors still yet to go up.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pointed out problems in the budget management during his visit to the hospital construction site.
North Korea's state media Korean Central News Agency reported Monday that Kim said the team in charge of coordinating the construction had been careless in managing the budget, adding that the use of materials and equipment is different to what the Worker's Party of Korea had mapped out.
The North Korean leader scolded the team for burdening its people by encouraging all kinds of assistance.
Experts say such criticism by Kim Jong-un could signal that North Korea is experiencing economic hardship.
"Kim's scolding shows that North Korea is having difficulty in supplying construction materials for the Pyeongyang General Hospital amid the COVID-19 pandemic and international sanctions. But as the hospital is Kim's greatest interest at the moment, he will continue to push for its completion."
The expert added that the North Korean people's discontent over having to support the construction of the hospital must be increasing as Kim tried to show he is aware of the problem and is trying to make things right.
KCNA reported that Kim ordered the workers responsible for budget planning to be replaced and punished while an investigation takes place over the performance of the task force.


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