Mein Camp • Boruch Bretter ft. Volvi Tauber & Child Soloist Dov Tzvi Landau

Published on Jun 29, 2020
What happened in the past few weeks with the NYS Government regarding all our Summer Camps, and me myself as a part of one of the biggest Heimishe Camps, made me realize how much this is important for us and for the kids, and I decided to write this song in dedication for the entire devoted staff at Machna Ohel Burech Krasnah Camp!

I try bringing the message of a kid yearning the whole winter for summer time where he'll enjoy in camp with counselors and friends and how this goes with him for the rest of the year and keeps on energizing him till the next summer comes around, and all of a sudden after the whole pandemic and lockdown, the kids were so awaiting for this year's camp season and then the government wouldn't give it permission.

I sat down last Sunday and wrote this song with its lyrics, right away reached out to Shimmy Moskowitz to make me a fast arrangement on it, and to Chaim Meir Fligman to record a child solo and push it in between one rehearsal and the other in a very busy week, Bh we got some beautiful vocals from Volvi Tauber a newcomer coming into the Kumzitz world, with the amazing child soloist Dov Tzvi Landau.


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