Robert Robert Buckland says he would resign if the Government breaks law in an 'unacceptable' way

Published on Sep 13, 2020
Robert Buckland has said he will resign as Justice Secretary if the Government goes on to break the law in an “unacceptable” way.

The Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to retract plans to override elements of his own Withdrawal Agreement, with former leaders calling on Tory rebels to vote his Bill down.

However, Mr Buckland insisted that the Government was “committed to the rule of law" and said its position was in accordance with "honourable traditions of the British state".

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I don't believe we're going to get to that stage. I know in my mind what I have to do. But the Government collectively here also has a responsibility, we've got to resolve any conflict that's what we will do.

"If I see the rule of law being broken in a way I find unacceptable then of course I will go.”

The Justice Secretary also refused to confirm that he had given the green light to the Internal Market Bill in Cabinet.


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