L'Duvid Mizmor - Shira Choir ft. Shulem Lemmer | לדוד מזמור - שלום למר ומקהלת שירה

Published on Jul 12, 2020
At a recent benefit for RCCS (Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society), Shulem Lemmer performed alongside the Shira Choir to deliver a heartrending acapella rendition of L'Duvid Mizmor.

This emotional cantorial piece is a mash-up of recordings by Moishe Oysher and Zanvel Kwartin. In this performance, Shulem and the Shira Choir succeed in capturing the emotional overtones and depth of this chapter. Shulem brilliantly juxtaposes the musical stylings of Moishe Oysher with the somber, deeply affecting tones of Zanvel Kwartin, creating a unique, unearthly sound -- yet another unforgettable performance.


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