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Shira Choir is composed of true musical connoisseurs. Bound to the beat by the baton of Shraga Gold, its talented voices harmoniously entertain musically astute crowds worldwide. They are known to flawlessly recreate the most intricate melodies of time-honored classics made famous by today’s leading Jewish music giants.
Song. And style.

It’s your special event – not open mic night. So you need vocalists capable of setting a specific mood, carefully crafting an appropriate song list, and stylizing the music to reflect the nuances of your celebration. That’s why you choose Shira Choir. You book talent backed by experience. Shira has truly done it all, to the tune of 4,000 performances over the past 13 years:
Want Shira front and center? Make one call and your search for singers is done. Shira works closely with the band you booked and serves up all the vocal performances your event can possibly want. From weddings to bar/bat mitzvahs, from seudas bris to seudas hodaah, from fundraising events to business conferences – Shira works every stage.

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